WIRED: Why 3D Printing is no longer just for hobbyists

Voxel8's Co-founder and Hardware Lead, Michael Bell, is quoted in this article by WIRED Magazine. 

The two-dimensional thinking of printed circuit boards is limiting the development of electronics, argues Michael Bell of Voxel8, a startup spun out of a Harvard University research laboratory. Everything is flat: flat-screen televisions; flat smartphones; flat laptops and tablets. “With our process, you can put the electronics in and wire them up in three dimensions, which frees you up from the constraints of flat printed circuit boards,” he explains.

Voxel8 prints electronics in a similar method to the way 3D printers make trinkets. A process called sheer printing turns microparticle silver from a peanut-butter consistency in a nozzle, to liquid as it is extruded, then back to a thicker state when needed. This allows the Voxel8 printer to lay out precise circuits in three dimensions, forming wires that can be as narrow as 50 microns (0.05mm) thick.
— Michael Bell, Co-Founder and Hardware Lead
Voxel8 Inc