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VOXEL8 getS sportsWEAR brands closer TO tHE CUSTOMER.

Introducing a digital manufacturing system that revolutionizes how footwear and athletic apparel is designed, manufactured, and delivered to consumers across the globe.


MATERIALS Innovation

ActiveMix® technology enables digital printing of reactive elastomers with zonal tuning of composition, structure, and mechanical properties.  

Digital control gives designers access to a wide range of property extremes using one starting formulation set.


SPEED to market

Go from prototyping to production in a matter of weeks, reacting to market trends and consumer demands in real time.

Eliminate cost barriers for limited releases while simultaneously lowering the cost of volume production.



Transition your current multi-step, manual prototyping and manufacturing processes to a fully-automated digital one.

Our manufacturing system eliminates the need for tooling, decreasing set-up costs and dramatically accelerating time to market.


Distributed Production

Our scalable manufacturing platform is compact and automated, enabling production closer to the world’s largest consumer market.

Distributed production dramatically reduces shipping costs, tariffs and lead times for inventory fulfillment.


additive manufacturing

Bypass the limitations of current manufacturing processes and use 3D printing technology to create new unique design aesthetics.

Transition between intrinsic features that lay flush with the fabric to those that dramatically pop from the substrate in one print.

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Digital production

Our digital production pipeline enables mass customization on a volume production scale with batch sizes ranging from millions to one.

Our core technology enables full digital control of shape, mechanics, and high resolution graphics with functional features.


Our Technology

ActiveMix Systems




ActiveMix® technology gives users the power to digitally fabricate functional features with zonal control of material properties and full color graphics using high performance elastomers and Inkjet technology.



The ActiveMix® printhead enables on-the-fly formulation of high-performance elastomers to change the material properties of the resulting printed structures by multiple orders of magnitude.

ActiveMix® supports two modes of deposition: extrusion and spray.



Build 3D structures and thick films with variable cross sections on any surface or textile using rheologically tuned fluids.

Experience seamless travel from areas to contours, creating durable engineering meshes to control the stretch of the textile underneath.



Rapidly cover large areas of a substrate with an elastomeric spray
that partially infiltrates textiles to variably control the stretch.

Provide maximum support and abrasion resistance with minimal
weight, creating features that conform to the substrate underneath.



Use Inkjet technology with either extrusion or spray to embed vibrant, high-resolution graphics into high performance elastomers.

ActiveImage® introduces mass customization possibilities at no added cost.


 our product

ActiveLab System


 Introducing the

ActiveLab® Digital Fabrication System

A multi-material digital manufacturing system for product development, wear testing, and limited production runs of high performance athletic footwear uppers and sporting goods.


our hardware

The finely—tuned motion stage enables responsive nozzle motion in 3D space for meticulously detailed features.

The ActiveMix® printhead controls the precision dosing of elastomeric raw materials, enabling radical changes in material properties across a single print with one material set.

An enclosed environment provides humidity control, temperature monitoring, and ventilation, guaranteeing optimal print quality and operational safety.


our materials

Voxel8 is pushing the boundaries of conventional elastomers to develop a single set of raw materials that are dynamically mixed to create elastomers which span a wide range of mechanical properties within a single print: from a soft rubber to a rigid plastic.

Dynamic viscosity tuning enables the rheological properties to be dialed in for optimal penetration and adhesion to a wide range of textiles and substrates.

Our team of formulation chemists can develop custom formulations with quick turn-around times to fulfill special requests, while standard sets are scaled for manufacturing by a major materials partner.


our software

Rhino Plugin

Leverage the native capabilities of Rhino design software with the Voxel8 Rhino plugin to digitally and zonally define properties of parts printed with the ActiveLab® system.

Position full-color images to be embedded within elastomer features using ActiveImage® inkjet technology.

Voxel8 Rhino Visualizer

Voxel8 Rhino Visualizer



Transform any static drawing file into a dynamic representation of the final product through print process simulations.

Preview paths, mechanical properties of features, material usage, time for print completion, and an automatic price quotation for each print in volume production.


  our impact



our Impact


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Athletic Footwear

Customize both the mechanics and aesthetics of athletic footwear uppers for optimal performance, comfort and style.

Incorporate fully functional eyelets, heel counters, and toe boxes into the design, or increase brand recognition with digital logos and text.


Sports performance

Enhance protective gear and sporting goods with haptics, reinforcements, and cushioning for maximum grip, durability, protection and compression.



Create seamless support on sports bras, compression clothing and performance hosiery by controlling stretch through fiber-locking technology and engineered meshes.

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wearables & Medical

Encapsulate electrical components on any textile for health monitoring.
Develop custom braces, prosthetic features and medical accessories.

Create selective compression for pressure points on electronic sensors, or custom fit headphones to each user.



Vary hardness and elasticity for specialized robotic grippers and precision gaskets requiring non-uniform properties with the ability to operate in extreme conditions.


Textile Reinforcement

Apply texture to fabrics and upholstery by introducing relieved features and internal reinforcements. Customize textiles with digital coloration.



About us





Voxel8 was founded in the summer of 2014 by an interdisciplinary team of scientists and engineers from Harvard University. 

We are backed by Braemar Energy Ventures and ARCH Venture Partners, along with a handful of other investors.

Our team is developing digital manufacturing systems which revolutionize how footwear and other products are designed, manufactured, and sold to consumers.    

24 Park Street, Suite 8. Somerville, MA 02143



Board of


Board of


Travis Busbee

Co-founder, CEO, CTO

Jack Minardi

Co-founder, Director of Software

Avin Dhoble

Director of Materials

Anton Krassilnikov

Director of Hardware

Clint Bybee

ARCH Venture Partners

Jiong Ma

Braemar Energy Ventures

Travis Busbee

Co-founder, CEO, CTO

Jennifer Lewis

Scientific Founder and Chair, Scientific Advisory Board

Charlie Shalvoy

Executive Chairman of the Board

Jennifer Lewis

Scientific Founder and Chair, Scientific Advisory Board

John Kawola

Advisor - Additive Manufacturing

Ian Freed

Advisor - Partnerships & Technology


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Follow the instructions in each job description link to apply.


Senior Polymer Scientist

Lead material development projects focused on developing and manufacturing new formulations with varying mechanical properties for digital printing of footwear, apparel and other target applications...

Senior Mechanical Design Engineer

Take on the responsibility for the mechanical design the company’s novel equipment in collaboration with mechanical and electrical engineers. Work tightly with Voxel8’s materials team to understand the requirements of hardware systems based on the chemistries and rheological properties of the materials used…

Director of Business Development

Take ownership of the business development and revenue generation effort at Voxel8, navigating complex strategic selling situations to create new business with large multinational organizations in the athletic footwear and athletic apparel industry…

Mechanical Engineering Technician

You will be responsible for assemblies, modifications, testing, and calibration of multidisciplinary equipment. while collaborating with mechanical, electrical, and materials engineers to do tasks ranging from running machines, assembling system components, building test rigs, collecting data, and creating detailed reports…

ApplicationS Engineer

Become adept at running Voxel8 3D printing technology for a large footwear brand, executing material testing, developing new applications, and working closely with designers to iterate on designs. You will be working at Voxel8 most of the time, while traveling to the customer site a few times a week…

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